Xavi hopes to turn the situation around this Sunday.

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Xavi Hernandez aims to lead Barcelona to victory over Real Madrid on Sunday to keep their hopes of contending for the Spanish league title alive.

Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona’s coach, expects a turnaround in the ‘El Clasico’ game against Real Madrid this Sunday. To maintain their hopes of competing for the La Liga championship. In this next season According to a report from Mundo Deportivo last Saturday.UFABET 

Barcelona’s season could come to a close if they lose at the Santiago Bernabeu on Sunday. This means that Real Madrid will tear away to 11 points with 6 more matches remaining. On the other hand, if the Azulgrana team succeeds in attacking and winning. They will reduce the gap to 5 points and still have a chance to win. Until the end of the season.

After being eliminated from the Champions League round of eight by losing 4-1 to Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday. Xavi hopes his players will use the pain as inspiration. Heart for the game ‘El Clasico’ this Sunday. 

‘We have to be able to turn the tide. let anger, frustration. And the impotence of the previous day came back to us. We had a strong and confident Real Madrid in front of us. After this week in the Champions League,’ Xavi said.

The 44-year-old trainer also addressed the issue of the conflict between Ronald Araujo and Ilkay Gundoğan. Saying there was nothing escalating as the German midfielder had no ill intentions in his recent post-match interview.

‘When there is no bad intention, there is no problem, it has been decided.’