Wan Bissaka is nearing the end Manchester United

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Wan Bissaka is nearing the end Manchester United.

Ex -Manchester United star Paul Parker has fear. He’s being criticize by his fans, saying Aaron Wan Bissaka future as a starting right-back will soon expire permanently.

“Tell me first that I have been a fan of Aaron Wan-Bissaka for many years. And I’ve always been there to support this boy since his playing days at Crystal Palace,” Parker told UFABET.

“The most outstanding feature of this child is He’s defensively so solid that his opponent’s wing could barely dribble past one. That’s a proof of how good it is. But for a club as big as Manchester United, of course a player at right-back has to be more than that.”

“Assuming Wan-Bissaka moved back to Crystal Palace today. He would become one of the best defenders who defended the team from conceding goals in a remarkable way. Which is what mid-tier teams need to maintain their place in the top league.”

“Honestly, Wan-Bissaka’s style of play is not suitable for a big team like Manchester United. He would become one of the best defenders. Who need to be creative all the time from the start. And today the performance on the field clearly proves that this is true.”