The FA team up with the police to investigate the incident.

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The FA team up with the police to investigate the incident. Chaos between Everton and Palace

The England FA and the police are set to investigate the aftermath of the Everton -Crystal Palace game, in which large crowds of home fans took to the field. And one of them had a clash with visiting manager Patrick Vieira. Who was walking into the tunnel of the stadium.

The Crystal Palace manager walks into the stadium tunnel. While many Everton fans came on the pitch rejoicingt the win. Officially survive relegation with one football fan going to make a bully and put a middle finger at him and eventually cause quarrels

“Merseyside Police are investigating an incident at Goodison Park during the Everton v Crystal Palace match on Thursday,” Mersey Police said. side press UFABET

“We are working with Everton to operate all CCTV footage and speak to spectators. There are no official complaints. and an investigation into the incident remains in full investigation.”

After the incident, Patrick Vieira has not made any comments. He stated that there was nothing to say about this matter. As with Crystal Palace, there was no mention of the matter.

While English Football Association. He clearly expressed concern over the number of visits to the field of football fans. And that will directly affect safety for everyone.

“A football field should be a safe place. have fun for everyone And what happened was unacceptable. And it doesn’t happen in a football game. It is against the rules of spectators to enter the field no matter the stadium. And such an incident puts players, fans and the general public at great risk. It must not happen again. And we can confirm that we will investigate all of them.”