Real Madrid has a serious prospect of Mbappe early next month.

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Real Madrid may enter into negotiations to bring Kylian Mbappe to the team in earnest in early August. Transfer news for the 24-year-old striker remains a hot topic and is a subject of interest to football fans. After the player did not travel to Asia for training with Paris Saint-Germain.

The case is due to Mbappe’s refusal to extend the contract. causing the PSG board to be very dissatisfied and managed to find a way to immediately sell the players out of the team. Because the contract had only one year remaining.

Despite the attitude that Real Madrid wants to grab a free French striker in the middle of next year UFABET. But the latest situation from ESPN indicates that the White King may move forward immediately in early August.

ESPN reporter Rodrygo Faez reports that Real Madrid. Who are now on vacation in the United States are making serious plans for Mbappe. 

An important moment is expected to happen around the beginning of next month. And Los Blancos wants the matter to be done quickly before sending the name to La Liga or wants it to be completed before the La Liga stage is launched. New season in 2 weeks from now.

Real Madrid have set a contract until mid-2029 for the player who is ready to move to the Santiago Bernabeu. But the key issue is discussions with PSG.