Marcus Rashford doesn’t dare play risky games anymore

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Marcus Rashford doesn’t dare play risky games anymore. Even though in the past the English star was often able to cause problems for the opponent’s defence. Always if you allow some space to come up.

Last season, Rashford scored the most goals in a season in his career with 30 goals from 56 appearances in all competitions. But this season, His performance has clearly dropped because he has just scored only 3 goals from playing in every competition, 25 games. Most recently, He started in the FA Cup 3rd round match at Manchester. United went on to beat Wigan Athletic 2-0 but were unable to do much.

Martinez was one of the analysts for that game. 

When asked what is the difference between Rashford now and before, he said, I think the first thing is that he doesn’t dare play risky games. Many times like before When you have a player like him. Who has great speed and good dribbling technique, Sometimes you have to take risks. By dragging into the empty space to create more space. Maybe these days he doesn’t want to lose control of the ball. He doesn’t want to lose the ball easily. Reporte from ufabet

Marcus Rashford MBE ( English : Marcus Rashford ; born 31 October 1997) is an English professional footballer Who plays as a striker for Manchester United and the England national team.

And one of the people who came out to complain loudly was Roy Keane, The fierce legend of the Red Devils. who complained while analyzing the game, Especially Marcus Rashford, the main attacker, A junior on the team. that he had developed a bad habit of playing

“I have high expectations for Rashford in this game. I wanted a little more from him. Because of the past He wasted too many opportunities. “

Right now I think he has one or two bad habits. The first is that he tries to stop the ball and tries to turn it over at the wrong time. Another issue is that there is too little movement between the defenders to find space, Which I think many people may feel the same way.”