Macka reveals why Liverpool should sign Saka from Arsenal

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Macka reveals why Liverpool should sign Saka from Arsenal

Liverpool legend Steve McManaman has admit. He would like to see Bukayo Saka from Arsenal join the Reds as soon as possible.

“Ask if I would like to see Bukayo Saka move from Arsenal to join Liverpool. Is it true according to the rumours? The answer is clear that. Of course Because I’m a Reds fan too” Macca told UFABET

“Mo Salah is a semi-winged forward who stands out for cutting himself in the middle and scoring goals. While Saka’s style is more attacking from a wide field. I think Liverpool need more people like this to make a difference in attacking dimensions.

“However, Arsenal would never allow the treasures it had formed from the academy to move to their league rivals. Unless there is a dead end regarding a new contract.”

“It didn’t take long for Saka to prove that he could really develop to be a top footballer. He’s gotten better every year and is now one cornerstones Arsenal leadership. Leaders are very tall despite being young.”

“In summary, I would like Liverpool to move forward with the acquisition of Saka to reinforce the squad as. He will lead the team to great success for the next ten years. But if this deal does happen, it would be a serious blow for Arsenal as well.”