Howe was upset when VAR checks goal.

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Newcastle manager Eddie Howe admits he was upset when VAR checked on his team’s goal. Newcastle defeated Arsenal at home with a score of 1-0 in the Premier League last Saturday night. In the current situation, Newcastle have accumulated 20 points from 11 matches played.

“In various events (in the game), we were very patient with a lot of bad luck. We lost players but the response from the players who are ready to play and fit to play has been incredible.” Howe told BBC Match of the Day. ทางเข้า UFABET

“I saw the spirit that showed at the end of the game. The commitment is clearly shown. The team’s dedication is incredible. 

“Every VAR review always makes us think about how it will affect us. At first I thought it was a fine goal. But I saw some hesitation from the referee. Clearly satisfied with the goal. In our view it was a good goal.

“It was a normal fight from both teams. Both teams knew they had to fight for victory. It’s not a beautiful game. There are many moments of playing the ball in the air. This is the point that makes the game difficult. Thank you for coming out victorious.”