Chelsea youngster showing good form, England defeat San Marino

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Chelsea youngster showing good form, England defeat San Marino.

Ian Wright, the legendary artillery striker Interviews praised Conor Gallagher, a young attacking star that Chelsea sent to Crystal Palace on loan in the current season that He impressed in his debut against England in a 10-0 thrashing of San Marino in their World Cup qualifying match last night.

“The days have passed so quickly. Because it looks like I’ve only seen Conor Gallagher playing for England Under-21s for a while, but look today he’s shown how big his future is ahead of him.” told UFABET

“Of course I’m very happy to see Gallagher come on the pitch at the start of the second half. Because it gives enough time to show that hidden quality. Even facing San Marino wasn’t a difficult test but everything he did over 45 minutes was nothing wrong.

“It seems Gallagher knows himself that there is no pressure even in his first game for the national team. He didn’t need to play hard moves. There’s no need to risk doing something embarrassing or hurting the team at all.”

“So everything that goes into each shot is all right. both the timing, the decision And that makes it easier for friends to continue playing. have an advantage That was his style when playing with Crystal Palace as well.”

“And as I am British, I can say on behalf of everyone in this country that We would like to see young players grow and become strong pillars of the national team in the future. Gallagher must be promoted to the senior team permanently from now on. Shouldn’t go back down to the U-21s again.”