Brighton 1-1 Chelsea: Key points after the Premier League

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Brighton 1-1 Chelsea: Key points after the Premier League game Blues defeated the Seagulls last night repots by UFABET.

1. A good defense is a good attack.

If anyone has watch the game for 90 minutes today. It must be said that it may small surprise. Because since the start of the home game, Brighton haven’t focuse on defending and waiting for a chance to counter like other smaller teams against Chelsea. But they chose to pack the game in the middle of the field. Chase squeez high from the front door. and focus on holding the ball with him to find opportunities to do Which I have to say that it works. Able to pressure the visiting team so well. That they lose the ball quickly and put the ball back in control more especially. After Chelsea have taken the lead first. 

Seagull party It has to be crushed such extent that visitors rarely have chance set up an offensive game for a long time. Moreover after successfully equalizing, Graham Potter was confident to send two more attackers down with an emphasis on attacking, causing the Blues to constantly worry about the defensive game. Until finally, it ended with a big share of points like Chelsea.

2. 2 strong-form backs, keyman Brighton

Warlords, players, Brighton in this game works to be admit by many. But the hottest thing must be given to two outstanding form-backs. Who are the most fragrant, such as Mark Cucurella, the fierce-blooded kicker of the Bull blood and Tariq Lamptey. A former youngster at Chelsea by First of all, it’s not just the long, wavy hairstyle that looks outstanding. But the performance on the field is equally good. Both in attacking games on the right side who carry the ball well with the ball. Dare to play, dare to treat Has great skills that cause headaches. Azpilicueta often and defensively strong. Both the standing position.

The tackle, the ball is not inferior to the attacking line of the away team, As well as the attacking back Lamptey play today. Alonso’s job is very difficult with speed, agility that has to be difficult, Thiago Silva has to follow and wipe it all the time. So I can say that perhaps next summer. It wouldn’t be uncommon for the two to have a chance to move to a bigger team, considering their good day and night performances. Brighton probably won’t be big enough for both of them in the future.

3. On the offensive line, Singha is silent, fearless.

This game, sending down four young people together, including Callum Hudson, Odoi, Mason Mount Hakim Ziyech and Romelu Lukaku, is not very good for the team. Because the team lacks players to help transport the ball from the back field until. Brighton can take over the game in the middle of the field and cause the ball to reach the Chelsea attackers quite a bit as well. Plus, the home team has a game on the edge.

That is quite strong that both Ziyek and Odoi can’t create as many chances to come in from the side as they should, while today’s mount is out of form and has almost no involvement. The game, as for Lukaku himself, is not very useful by default because the ball has not arrived. Therefore, it is the origin of the offensive game that is stiff and fearless for 90 minutes. It must be said that partly from the wrong checkers. along with the competitors. Who have done their homework well Until now. The Blue Lion has officially dropped into third place.