How are hormones and health related?

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How are hormones and health related?

What are hormones?

Hormones are biochemical substances that our bodies produce. To perform different functions in the body From the time we are born until we die There are many areas or organs that produce these various. Whether it’s the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, pancreas, adrenal glands, or even the well-known areas of the testicles and ovaries, we collectively call them the endocrine glands.

Minor hormonal abnormalities can lead to serious health problems.

Hormone test It is an important part that affects good health. This is a part that should not be neglected. We will test hormones and the balance in the body that directly affect sleep. Body metabolism, emotions, and sexual feelings

Symptoms that are specific or sufficient to tell us whether we are likely to have a deficiency or a deficiency in which important hormones include:

1. Female hormones (Estrogen and Progesterone)

Problems with female can occur at any age. But it is often found in women who are approaching menopause. (Perimenopause) and menopause Or another name is menopause. Common symptoms include menstruation that is irregular and irregular (in people who have not yet gone through menopause), hot flashes all over the body. Sweating at night, unable to sleep, or not sleeping well. Mood swings, irritability, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, thinner skin, more wrinkles. Weight increases despite eating and exercising the same. Some people may experience frequent urination, urinary incontinence, difficulty in holding back, vaginal dryness, and decreased sexual feelings. It also includes Having bone density that has decreased from before as well

2. Male hormone or testosterone (Testosterone)

Symptoms that indicate that levels are beginning to decrease or lack of hormones include sexual dysfunction. decreased sexual feelings Decreased erection Increased fat, especially in the abdominal area At the same time, the muscles begin to decrease, becoming easily irritated and lacking energy. not energetic Lack of confidence and concentration, etc.

3. As for other important hormones that are commonly found, such as

– Problems from thyroid working less (Hypothyropidism / Subclinical Hypothyroidism) causes the metabolic process in our body to be lower, making it easier to gain weight, becoming tired, being a slow person. Not energetic, gets cold easily, etc.

– Problems with from the adrenal glands (Adrenal hormones), including the hormones Cortisol and DHEA. These 2 perform many functions in the body. But it is related to the issue of stress (Stress) if we are people who have to face stress frequently for a long period of time. This will cause both of these hormones to decrease. The obvious symptom is chronic fatigue for which no other cause can be found. I’m easily allergic. Frequent illness, body aches and pains in many places, with no other cause found, etc.

Create strong health and a long life with us.

If your hormones aren’t functioning at their best Our doctors will give you advice on how to live your life correctly. Including the use of nutritional supplements or hormone replacement therapy. (bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) to restore balance to your health

Who should have their hormones checked?

The level of hormonal balance begins to change from around 25 years of age onwards. And when the hormonal balance is disrupted, it may cause some abnormal conditions or symptoms related to abnormalities in hormonal levels. Therefore, measurement of hormone levels can begin at the age of 25 years and above. In addition, those at risk for a faster than normal decrease in hormones in the body are those whose occupations are at risk of exposure. Pollution from the environment, drinking alcohol and smoking, eating food that is not properly proportioned causes malnutrition or
vitamin deficiency, and lack of proper exercise. Or even in people who don’t get enough sleep, it will cause the body to produce certain in inappropriate amounts and disrupt the hormonal balance within the body.

Meet with a specialist to discuss hormones.

MW Wellness Center has a team of doctors specialized in hormone testing. And a team of consultants is always on hand to give advice and provide knowledge about the important role of hormones for good health. and longevity There is a service to measure hormone levels using a “urine” test, which is the easiest method. used to detect various types such as

– General hormones
– Cortisol hormone (Cortisol Metabolites)
– Melatonin hormone (Overnight melatonin)
– Androgen hormone (Androgen Metabolites)
– Estrogen hormone (Estrogen Metabolites)